Favorite Materials

Whenever someone asks what my favorite homeschool materials are, or what is worth spending their money on, these are what I tell them about!


I love triangular-shaped pencils for their ergonomic grip. They ease fatigue and aid in learning a proper grip. Ticonderoga is known for their quality, and I love the fact that they make these in a standard size with #2 lead! They meet every requirement and pass the quality test. Amazon tells me that I ordered this exact product in July of 2012 and we’re still using them (May 2014)! The lead doesn’t break easily like so many others. They are very high-quality and they’re the first pencils I reach for. I love the feel of the triangular shape and the smooth finish on them. They write smoothly and sharpen just as well as any other high-quality pencil in a normal pencil sharpener*. This is always my first recommendation when someone asks what my favorite homeschool supply is.

Dixon Ticonderoga Tri-Write Triangular Standard Size #2 Pencils, Box of 12, Yellow (13856)

And for the younger children … Pencils for Beginners – The triangular shape aids in proper pencil grip and reduces hand fatigue!

Dixon Ticonderoga My First Tri-Write Triangular #2 Pencils, Primary Size, Wood-Cased, Black Writing, 36-Count (13082)

And for those who are transitioning A slightly over-sized pencil for transitioning into cursive handwriting; has a triangular ergonomic shape which adds comfort and promotes proper pencil grip!

Dixon Ticonderoga Laddie Tri-Write Triangular Shaped Intermediate #2 Pencils, Box of 36, Yellow (13042)

*Speaking of pencil sharpeners …

Again, Amazon tells me that I purchased this in July of 2012. We had finished 3 years of homeschooling and I guess I’d figured out that we weren’t going back to the public school so I’d better start investing in things that were going to last and were worth my money! I truly love having a classroom quality sharpener in my house! I can remember my Grandma having one of these in her pantry … not only does it bring me a sense of nostalgia, but I know it will last through my grandchildren as well!

Stanley Bostitch All Metal Antimicrobial 8-hole Manual Pencil Sharpener With Dual Cutters, Black (MPS1-BLK)




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