Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-UpWe really had a great family-focused weekend last weekend. On Saturday, the kids went out into the woods with Dad to mark the maple trees for easier identification this winter when they head out to tap them. We’re licking our chops just thinking about our own homemade maple syrup.
marking maple trees, Saturday with Dad

It’s chilly in the woods in October!

Sunday afternoon included a trip to our favorite produce stand to purchase pumpkins and pose for some photo ops.
Sandals? Really??

Sandals? Really??

Late Sunday afternoon included the Family Fall Fest with our church family. We enjoyed a hayride and a pumpkin decorating contest, but the highlight was that my 13-year-old daughter and I both got to spend time cuddling one of our favorite babies.
Annie with Charlotte, baby love

Oh, my heart.

All of this family-togetherness really made me long for my older “kids” (who are now adults). My eyes leaked a little as I was wishing for them to be with us.

So, it was a wonderful fall weekend. Then came Monday. And Monday was bad. This mom thought that after such a fun weekend, no one would mind getting back to the books. Instead, they were dragging. No one wanted to get started. I was grouchy because it was my one day out of the week that I didn’t have outside commitments and could focus on these two every second of they day (if needed) and hit some of the skipped subjects … but instead, they balked and whined, and I yelled, and they cried, and Dad wished he could disappear. I got to the end of the day wishing that I could really, truly, seriously, honestly have a do-over on the day.

On Tuesday, Andrew had a bracket from his braces fall off. Annie had a horse riding lesson. And I had to be at work at the library at 4:30.

Wednesday is the day we meet our socialization requirements. 😉 The kids go to a weekly art class at a local studio with other homeschoolers. Then we spent the rest of the day with friends, before heading to the church for youth group with more friends. Too bad we’re such hermits, huh?

On Thursday, we have more socialization, phys. ed., and music in the form of a middle school girls’ horse riding group, and practice for the church Christmas musical.

When do we ever get school work done?!?

It seems the more relaxed I am about getting the book work done, the more book work gets done. Interesting dichotomy, no?

We try to push through the school work either in the mornings before we leave the house, or we do it later, when we return. Dad works afternoons/evenings, so we don’t have to be done before dinner time.

Friday was more like what I expected from Monday. They still did a good amount of Xboxing and Trampoline jumping, but we also got through a fair amount of bookwork with better attitudes than Monday, I got a nap, and then we had an exciting night. The kids got to watch an amazing illusionist (the new-fangled word for “magician”) and I got to babysit the illusionist’s baby girl!

So, I bookended my week with baby-cuddling and it doesn’t get much better than that when your own babies are either grown-up or are middle schoolers. It’s not always about the bookwork, is it?