Help Wanted!


I have a question for my homeschooling readers …

If a friend told you they are determined to homeschool but have no idea where to start, what would your advice be?

Please leave your answer in the comments section (Click “Leave a comment” at the top of this post), or visit my Facebook page (Courageous Jane) to send me a private message.

Thank you in advance! I appreciate your wisdom and willingness to share your advice.

~ C.J. (Like that?? I’m getting weary of typing out Courageous Jane … and correcting the typos every time I type it … so I’m thinking of abbreviating. What do you think?)

<<Edit 6/2/13: Here is a great place to start the thinking process, before the planning process! >>


7 thoughts on “Help Wanted!

  1. C.J., I think this is a question all homeschoolers need to be prepared to answer. First, it’s important for people to know it’s okay to try something and it not work out. Homeschooling is a risk worth taking, even for just one year. I say start with just the basics like grammar and math with as user-friendly, inexpensive resources as you can find (you can always move on to glitzier stuff later). Add to this 1 or 2 subjects of your child’s choice using the library, internet, & local field trips as your “curriculum”. Letting them study what they love is the surest way to get them hooked on learning at home. Finally, pull from your own school days and try to remember some books you had to read that you actually enjoyed and reread those aloud with your child. Spend some time just getting comfortable with these basics and then build from there only as you are ready and your child is up for the challenge.

  2. Hello C.J.! Personally, I would start with advising them to figure out how their children best learn. Are they visual, book learners, hands-on, or something else? Once you have this narrowed down, find your family philosophy on homeschooling. What do you want your children to get out of their learning experience? With these two topics down, you will be able to more easily navigate the tricky world of curriculum and routines.
    In terms of actual curriculum, I agree with godmadeknown, start with grammar and arithmetic. Teach your children to read, write, and think very well; the rest is easy going.

    • Thanks for your input! I really appreciate it! I agree that it’s a good idea to start with figuring out how your kids learn best … I was just thinking that today too … then I remember thinking earlier this year that it took me so long to figure out how my kids learn best. Maybe it’s easier said than done sometimes. But I still agree that it’s an important step!

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