Courageous Jane Homeschools From A-Z

I’ve got a great idea!

My *absolutely brilliant* idea is to do an A-Z theme here at Courageous Jane Homeschools … but not the kind where I’m providing preschool alphabet ideas. No way! I’m so far past that (my youngest is over the age of 10), and the internet is inundated with those kinds of ideas anyway (you’ve heard of Pinterest, right?!?).

My plan is to write a little something (or a lot, if you know me) about *anything* homeschoolish (or just our day-to-day life, because we homeschoolers LIVE our educations, right??) … and each post will be inspired by an individual letter of the alphabet.

I should probably do them in order, shouldn’t I? But what if I’m inspired to write about peanut butter when I’m still on the letter “F” and no where near “P?” I’m going to give it the old college try! I’m going to start with the expected “A” and try my darndest to stick to the plan!

I hope you enjoy my drivel! 🙂

~ Yours truly,

Courageous Jane

P.S.  Please, share your thoughts! We’ll conversate about homeschooling and such! (Yes, I know that’s not a dictionary word. I just made it up. I’m fun like that.)

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So, what do you suppose “A is for … ?”

Click here to find out …


5 thoughts on “Courageous Jane Homeschools From A-Z

  1. godmadeknown: Thank you! You win the prize for Best Reader Ever (after Mom, of course)! And my dear husband’s comment when I read all of this including your response was ” Dear Lord, there’s two of you!” 🙂 I love that man!

  2. I hear the ABCs 9 times a day with my 6 year old. With rock, folk, and county styles…. I am so looking forward to something new with the ABCs! Can’t come soon enough!

  3. I love your idea. Like Michelle, I hear the ABC’s a lot with my preschoolers so some adult ABC food for thought sounds like just what I need. Looking forward to it 🙂

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